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  • Armada Corporate Intelligence

    Twenty years ago, Armada began as a competitive intelligence firm, In time, we grew to become trusted strategic advisors to business executives, merging our fundamental roots in corporate intelligence gathering, economic forecasting and strategy development.


    Welcome to Armada Corporate Intelligence

    Armada is a corporate intelligence firm specializing in analyzing the market forces bearing down on your company. We use proprietary intelligence analysis methodologies built over the past 22 years to process and understand what’s happening in your world today. We look forward and ‘see’ around corners to identify risks and opportunities before anyone else … to give you time to do something about it.

    Clients tell us that they don’t always like what we have to report in our briefings. But they always appreciate it. Learn more.

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    Armada Corporate Intelligence Services

    Hiring Armada is like getting an intelligence agency for your company. We can point our intelligence gathering and analysis techniques at just about anything you need to understand (within legal, moral, and ethical limits). And, we have a range of engagement levels that we think fit any company, with any size budget. Learn more.

    1st Annual Customer Value Analysis (CVA) Group Study

    The Armada/Mastio team will conduct the 1st Annual Customer Value Analysis (CVA) Group Study for the Distributor community in 2023. Other group CVA studies conducted by Mastio are entering their 18th consecutive year. Watch Kevin Huntsman of Mastio & Company along with Keith Prather from Armada Corporate Intelligence demonstrate the Customer Value Analysis study and how it can be beneficial for Distributors in 2023.

    The study will focus on answering questions around what the most important drivers of the Distributors customers selection process are, and how they perceive the value of the products and services they purchase relative to key competitors. It will help Distributors determine how to gain a competitive advantage and better position themselves in the market. Watch the intro video, and click here to learn more.


    Extensive experience spanning the global supply chain including maritime, trucking, rail, air cargo and more.


    Diverse experience with all phases of manufacturing across diverse sectors.

    Financial Services

    Broad experience within credit management, banking, and accounting sectors.


    Extensive experience in commercial construction outlooks focused on understanding specific sector demand.

    Consumer Goods

    Understanding consumer demand across retail, CPG manufacturing, and wholesale consumer goods.


    Understanding the outlook for various types of energy demand and near-term risks that could impact that outlook.

    Twenty+ Years of Industry Expertise

    Armada has been helping executives with outlooks for their specific industries for more than two decades. We assist executive teams with intelligence briefings and analysis that helps them understand the operating environment into the future (near term or distant) so that they can react and prepare for potential changes in the business cycle. We have extensive experience in the sectors listed to the left but have also worked across many others.

    “I don’t have time to sift through media reports for information. I use Armada for valuable INSIGHTS!”

    — DON HORNING; Manager, LTL Business Development, CH Robinson

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