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  • Private Market Intelligence

    Successful executives have the most extensive intelligence networks. They collect information from inside and outside of their organization to develop the most complete picture of their operating environment.

    Armada began 21 years ago writing confidential market intelligence briefings for a Fortune 500 client (which we still have engaged with us). Today, we provide confidential market intelligence briefings for an array of clients of varying sizes across diverse industries. And we deliver those briefings in a manner and frequency that clients prefer (written, video, live webcasting, podcasts, or in-person).

    Clients have used this market intelligence in a variety of ways:

    • Senior Executive Teams

      • Economic outlook (macroeconomic, geographic region, or specific sector)
      • Geopolitical insights and risk intelligence
      • Supply chain intelligence
      • Environmental scans
    • Finance Teams

      • Economic outlooks and forecasting
      • Industry outlooks (a client’s industry or their customer’s industry, etc.)
      • Risk intelligence
    • Sales and Marketing

      • Customer and industry trends
      • Economic outlooks
      • Broad competitive intelligence scans (for specific competitive intelligence projects, see Strategic Intelligence)

    Rates: Our rates are typically commensurate with hiring a junior analyst and all of our projects are conducted and delivered by our senior leaders. We limit the number of Private Market Intelligence engagements that we maintain, in order to keep this senior-level engagement intact.

    To learn more, please inquire directly and confidentially with us.

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