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    Need a Custom Solution for Your Organization?

    Armada has been working with Association Partners for 21 years, whether speaking at annual conferences, writing custom content for Association-branded newsletters and online content, or allowing them to repurpose and send our content out to members or others. Armada is open to various proposals if one of the three below does not fit with your needs. Contact us. (Link to Contact Page)

    Custom Written Association Newsletters and web content

    Armada has worked with Association Partners to build specific content, custom indexes, and outlooks that they send to their membership. We work with staff to understand what types of content are most impactful to members, the right format to deliver it in, and the right frequency.

    If you have not explored this approach in the past, we have experience working with associations in the past and can help you design a program that will drive the acquisition of new members and retention of existing ones.

    Click here to view an example of one of our custom-written newsletters published by the American Supply Association.

    Keynote Speaking

    Both Managing Directors of Armada have conducted nearly 100 speaking events a year for the past two decades. Most of our Association Partnerships include a package of services that include some type of written briefing and then a combination of in-person speaking events or webinar presentations throughout the year.

    Repurposing the Flagship Brief

    Some Associations on tighter budgets have decided to repurpose all or part of our Flagship brief. The Flagship Brief is designed for large organizations that want to share general business and geopolitical trends with their members. Associations have used the brief to attract, retain, and deliver additional value to members for more than 14 years. Many have conducted surveys of their membership base and have found that it is one of the best member benefits that they offer.

    We work with Association partners in a repurposing format in several ways. These partners pay a modest monthly fee that allow them to:

    • Resend the briefing (as written) to their membership either with their brand only, or co-branded with Armada.
      • Fees vary depending on whether we use our servers to distribute the brief or Association Partners distribute it from their own servers.
    • Repurpose portions of the content on their own webpages with or without attribution.

    Revenue sharing: we also have a revenue sharing program for Associations by which they promote one or more of our existing publications (like the Flagship or ASIS) to their membership and they share in the revenues from those activities when we can confirm a subscriber came from the association. Inquire to sign up or learn more.

    To learn more about our Association Programs and discuss the potential options with us, please contact us.

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