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    Individual Subscription Briefings

    The Flagship (an Officer of the Watch Report)

    Armada publishes The Flagship Brief that the public can subscribe to for just $7 a month. It is rooted in our fundamental core competency of collecting, analyzing, and distributing intelligence. And like everything else we do; we focus on those issues that create risk or opportunity for businesses. It is intelligence written for business executives.

    Executives told us a long time ago that they wanted a briefing service that gave them a well-rounded view of their operating environment. They wanted something that would cover business and economic risk, opportunities and emerging growth opportunities, and a brief that would take a chance and predict events in the future that could affect them. That is what the Flagship aims to do, 3 times a week.

    Executives from all industries, all levels of corporations, and from around the world subscribe to the Flagship Brief. Learn more.

    The Armada Strategic Intelligence System (ASIS)

    After 20 years of development, Armada Corporate Intelligence has partnered with Morris, Nelson & Associates (MNA) to launch a continuous forecasting intelligence tool for durable manufacturing.

    Our intelligence system forecasts growth rates 18 months in advance across seven unique sectors of the manufacturing industry including automotive, aerospace, machinery, fabricated metals, computers and electronics, electrical equipment / appliances and more. Trial the ASIS at no cost for 60 days.

    Private Market Intelligence Briefings

    Become a Private Corporate Client

    Armada began 21 years ago writing confidential market intelligence briefings for a Fortune 500 client (which we still have engaged with us). Today, we provide confidential market intelligence briefings for an array of clients of varying sizes across diverse industries.

    Whether arming a sales force to be more effective, guiding marketing and operations, or helping senior finance teams understand when a new business cycle is coming, we point our intelligence gathering and analysis techniques toward objectives that clients want to learn more about. Learn more.

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