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  • Industry Analytics

    Armada has partnered with Morris, Nelson & Associates (MNA) to build advanced analytical models for companies interested in forecasting. This partnership led us to create the Strategic Intelligence System (ASIS) which provides 18-month forward forecasts for 7 major areas of durable manufacturing. On average, the forecasts are hitting 98% accuracy and we publish a performance scorecard every month. When we miss, we explain what happened.

    Those areas covered in the ASIS include automotive, aerospace, machinery, computers and electronics, electrical equipment and appliances, fabricated metals, and others.

    Custom Analytics

    We also work independently with clients to build advanced models to help them understand many facets of their operations include:

    • Forecasting sales using external market data
    • Analytics to identify areas for internal process improvement and optimizing efficiency
    • And any other predictive corporate needs (based on data availability)

    Please visit asisintelligence.com for more information.

    To inquire regarding custom industry analytics and modeling needs, please contact us.

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    Financial Services

    Consumer Goods


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