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    Founded by Keith Prather and Chris Kuehl in 2000, Armada began as a competitive intelligence firm, grounded in the discipline of gathering, analyzing, and disseminating intelligence. Today, Armada executives function as trusted strategic advisors to business executives, merging our fundamental roots in corporate intelligence gathering, economic forecasting, and strategy development.

    Keith Prather, MBA: Managing Parter and Co-Founder

    During his 21 years as Armada’s primary strategist, Keith has worked with Fortune 500 companies on everything from economic forecasting to M&A strategy, strategic planning, and corporate marketing efforts. He has pioneered the concept of the Continuous Situation Analysis that companies use in a fast-paced, aggressive modern business environment.

    Mr. Prather serves as an analyst briefing executives on domestic and global economic outlooks, geopolitical risk, supply chain issues, raw material supply, and environmental impacts on business operations.

    Keith is the chief editor and one of the two primary writers for the Flagship, an Executive Intelligence Brief. Executives around the world read the Flagship for insight, foresight, and risk intelligence. Keith is also a keynote speaker for industry associations.

    Keith has an MBA with a focused thesis on Corporate Intelligence. He is a former Chief Financial Officer and has an extensive background in data analysis.

    Chris Kuehl, PhD: Managing Partner and Co-Founder

    Dr. Chris Kuehl serves as Armada’s Chief Economist working with a wide variety of private clients and professional associations over the last 21 years. He serves as the Chief Economist for several national business associations. He is also the Economic Analyst for the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association and writes their bi-weekly publication, Fabrinomics, which details the impact of economic trends on manufacturers.

    Chris is one of the chief editors for the Armada Flagship Brief, which hits several thousand business executives three times a week.

    As a popular keynote speaker, he makes approximately 100 presentations each year to business and industry associations in the US and overseas.

    Chris has a doctorate in Political Economics and advanced degrees in Soviet Studies and Asian Studies and was a professor of international economics and finance for over 15 years prior to starting Armada.

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