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  • Ghost Writing

    Content creation is one of our specialties, especially when it comes to building market intelligence briefings, blog posts, digital media, and other pieces that need to meet specific brand and tone requirements. Armada can be contracted to provide content on an ongoing basis to fit your needs.

    Typically, we like to understand your objectives and strategies so that we can build content that drives awareness and encourages customers to react. We also work as a silent partner, allowing our clients to own all of the content.

    There are also times when it makes sense to use the Armada brand as a “powered by” or “partnered with” sub-brand to lend credibility to a client’s rationale for providing market-facing information; especially when Armada is creating the content. As a military general once said to us, “it gives me one throat to choke!”

    This also takes some of the pressure off of marketing teams when needing to answer questions about specific ghost-written content, they can be referred to Armada and we can take care of inquiries related directly to the content. Many clients find this as a value-added benefit and have found that customers get far more value when they can reach out to an expert on an economic or geopolitical event and get detailed information in response.

    For business associations, Armada publishes many industry briefings that they send to members under the Association brand. Visit our Association Program page for more information.

    To inquire about ghost writing needs, please contact us.

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