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  • Strategic Intelligence

    Strategic Intelligence helps executives understand the market forces bearing down on a corporation today and those that will build in the future; and the operational factors that affect and shape strategic decisions. Clients engage us privately to prepare analysis of areas of interest for strategic decision-making.

    Typically, clients engage us on a specific area of interest in which we conduct research, analysis, and report back with insights and recommendations. We offer two primary types of strategic intelligence: Ongoing Corporate Intelligence and Focused Research and Reporting.

    Ongoing Corporate Intelligence – clients specify the frequency of these special intelligence briefs (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly) and the areas of focus that we cover. Some of the areas could include:

    • Deep-dive economic outlooks including custom analytical modeling and data analysis
    • Competitive intelligence (less secret shopper activities)

    Focused Research and Reporting – these projects are typically one-off projects aimed at gathering and analyzing research. Some of the projects could include:

    • Market expansion studies
    • Customer trends and emerging market opportunities
    • Consumer Value Analysis, Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction (using a strategic partner of ours)
    • Other duties as assigned

    Examples of real client projects using our Strategic Intelligence service:

    • Market Selection. A large construction firm wanted to expand their offices domestically in the US and asked us to look at long-term trends that would help rule out certain major metropolitan areas and identify areas with low competition and higher growth potential in which to put a new office.
    • Vertical Industry Focus. One firm had identified three primary vertical market sectors that it created special sales and marketing efforts around. They wanted to understand how long these sectors would continue to grow and if other markets are poised for more explosive growth than those identified. After the initial project, they decided to continue with this reporting quarterly, an ongoing effort.
    • Competitive Scans. One client has Armada conduct two scans monthly, and include economic and industry outlook information. We deliver it in a PDF briefing to senior executives in a format that they can distribute internally throughout their organization.
    • Intelligence Bursts. We support one client with daily market intelligence “posts” (small, 2 paragraph intelligence blasts) on their sales CRM to keep sales, finance, senior leaders, and marketing teams abreast of the latest information important to them as an organization. By sending it out in short bursts as news happens, it is easier for individuals to digest and process.

    For more information on any of these services, please contact us.

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