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    Armada’s premier (publicly available) briefing is called the Flagship. It is designed to be similar to an “Officer of the Watch Report” in security; “Situational Report” (Sitrep) in the military, or the President’s Daily Brief (PDB) at the Executive Branch level; we attempt to cover a broad range of topics in a very concise manner for busy executives.

    It’s direct, conversational, easy to scan, and full of analysis to get you ahead of key global trends and events. For instance, we were reporting on COVID in January of 2020, before it hit national headlines. Through the Flagship Brief, it is easier to understand when the next business cycle is coming and what the business implications might be.

    The briefing covers domestic and global economics, geopolitics, raw materials, supply chain risks, and environmental and weather-related risks to operations. If there is something worth reporting on a given day, we will write about it. If not, we won’t waste your time trying to fill white space.

    As an additional benefit, as a subscriber, you can reach out to Chris Kuehl or Keith Prather with questions about content in the briefing. Contact us for information about a corporate rate.

    Try it 30-days risk-free, or subscribe with a monthly or annual plan for only $7/month. You can cancel anytime.


    The Flagship is sent via email from exec@armadaci.com every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

    Once subscribed, you will be automatically added to the Flagship member list and will receive the next Flagship distribution.

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